Thomas Kivisto was born in Ironwood, Michigan and raised in Illinois. He made a name for himself in basketball starting in high school, and earned a full scholarship to the University of Kansas, where he graduated with honors and a major in psychology. He then studied urban planning at the Kansas School of Architecture. Throughout his University years, he continued to make a name for himself both in basketball and in his academic pursuits, setting basketball records at the University of Kansas that stand to this day, and being recognized as an Academic All-American team member.


After university, Kivisto worked for the Koch Oil Company for fourteen years. He was the Executive Vice President of the company prior to leaving in 1993, having presided over more than fifteen acquisitions as the head of their oil acquisitions program. He then founded his own oil company, and has since served on several university boards, several bank boards, and has worked with many non-profit organizations as well. Thomas Kivisto currently lives in California, where he heads his oil and gas equipment, real estate, and technology startup Lakeshore Energy Capital.


Lakeshore Energy Capital (LEC) invests primarily in start-ups with a focus on the oil, real estate, and technology sectors. Unlike many other firms, LEC is not limited by traditional deal structures or holding periods. Instead, they take on a very entrepreneur-friendly approach by investing in both public and private companies. Founder, Thomas Kivisto is looking forward to the company’s continued expansion.